This is a list of the scripts I’ve written over the past fifteen years. I’ve been fortunate enough to get a few optioned and produced and am always looking for producers that might be interested in reading my work — so drop me a line if that’s you!




A disgraced Dragon Ranger revisits a devastating past in an impossible last mission to save his son’s life and to foil a sinister plot to use Dragons in the service of dark mystical forces.

Screenplay Readers: “…a really engaging story that’s easy to follow and has both action and substance” CONSIDER


An action-packed fantasy adventure about a headstrong village girl determined to save her younger brother from dark imperial forces when he becomes infected with a magical cursed mark.

Note: Based on Ren – The Girl With the Mark webseries that has had more than 5 MILLION EP1 views and has been awarded 15 international Webseries Awards.

Screenplay Readers: “There is a very complex and colorful mythos attached to this story and the script does a very good job at building the world as the story goes along, balancing the exposition sections with scenes of intense action… offering many moments that fans of the fantasy genre will respond to that feel distinct to this particular universe”. CONSIDER


Marked by an ancient seemingly malevolent Spirit, Ren is forced to journey far beyond the safety of her small village to reveal the hidden truth behind the mythical Mark she now bears.

Info: Ren EP1 has had over 5 MILLION online views, and the series has received 15 international Webseries Awards.


Shields & Maidens is a historical action fantasy about Eadgyd, a young tom-boy girl living in Wales in the mid 9th century, who teams up with an unlikely ally to save the life of her best friend and bring down the tyrant that rules the land with an iron fist and dark magic. A mission that will challenge both her courage and her faith.

Screenplay Readers:Shields & Maidens uses its setting well to explore some interesting themes and characters effectively. Some excellent action sequences help to drive the narrative at key moments, with Eadgyd able to discover what it is to be a strong woman under Aud’s wing”. CONSIDER


Four battle-weary Crusaders take on a mission to track down the evil predator that has abducted all the men and children from a devastated village.

Info: The Four Warriors was sold internationally and distributed by Lions Gate Grindhouse in the US and Metrodome in the UK.


When a mythical enemy overruns an ancient kingdom, a young inexperienced Beacon Guard must race against time to light the last Beacon and alert the army that stands between him, his people and total annihilation.

Screenplay Readers: “…an exciting and imaginative take on the fantasy genre. What’s especially refreshing is the scale of the story and how it focuses on one small battle in a larger picture, an almost post-modern approach to the genre”.



A ragtag group of Trappers must save a young girl from a terrifying avenging spirit that turns both their minds and their deadly traps against them.

Screenplay Readers: “…a pretty effective feature film script – it succeeds in having a clear central conflict, in having clear and escalating conflict throughout the story, and in having some surely frightening visuals that will likely pop on screen” CONSIDER

The Black List: “…[Blood Traps] has an intense conflict, some thrilling horror, and solid visuals, which makes it an intriguing period horror project. The third act, with elements like demonic possession and an undead army, is epic and properly climactic”

THE BRIDE (Commissioned Script)

A young couple arrives at Bridebridge Manor to rehearse for their wedding day, but when the house reveals its horrific past they have to fight just to survive the night.

Screenplay Readers: “…the story presents with genuinely original, scary, and fear-provoking moments that will make the audience jump in fright. What will help set this project apart from its peers though is the tasteful, effective use of a disabled character. Good work. CONSIDER



An OCD fuelled morgue assistant must save a down on her luck angle-faced rock stripper from a corrupt politician and a dogged detective with anger issues… and tell her that she’s dead.

Screenplay Readers:This is a lot of fun, easy to pitch, and perfect with popcorn. The story is full of great surprises, particularly in the first 30 pages” CONSIDER

The Black List: “The most marketable aspect of the script is its colorful characters and settings, which will give the film a vibrant cinematic texture. The strong, dimensional characters also have a lot of potential to attract A-list actors to the robust and unique roles”


It’s Christmas and a group of Dark Elves has imprisoned Santa and his fellow joyful mythical creatures in an old peoples home to prevent the world from being happy. But when teen Lisa discovers their plan, she and her friends set out on a dangerous adventure to save Santa, happiness… and her parents!

The Black List: “This is one of the sweetest, most endearing Christmas movies this reader has seen on The Black List. The premise is really clever, and immediately communicates the conflict, stakes, and tone of the film.

LAVS (LA VAMPIRE SQUAD) – SEASON ONE (Digital content series)

A young LAPD reject sets up her own bungling law enforcement unit to rid LA of the ancient vampires she’s convinced hide out in the Hollywood Hills.

THE BODY (Commissioned Adaptation)

A dead man on a train starts a chain reaction that threatens the national security, an order of nuns, and the hapless petty criminal who simply can’t get rid of the body no matter how hard he tries… and he really tries.

Screenplay Readers: “the premise and structure of the film offer plenty of potential for laughter and solid comedy craft. The use of the Nuns especially should set this project apart. THE BODY has every chance of becoming a comedy hit” CONSIDER


When a wounded man turns up in their dead-end village, four twelve year-olds must use their unlimited imagination to save him from his ruthless pursuers… without telling their parents.


STROKE (TV script in development)

A successful but grief-stricken London psychologist moves to a remote village in North Wales. He is soon entangled in a secret that has infested the entire town… but is that actually a surprise to him?


Crippled by a dark past, DI Richards travels to Greenland to escort an eco-warrior back to London. But the run-of-the-mill assignment soon challenges his fast unraveling sanity in this alien ice-cold spirit world.


A young successful businesswoman wakes up with four complete strangers in a remote forest with no memory of how they got there. But who’s controlling the twisted cat and mouse game that ensues?

Screenplay Readers: “The story does a very good job at consistently raising the dramatic tension throughout the script, and the personalities chosen for the cast of characters work well in helping to escalate the dramatic conflict between the characters” CONSIDER


An on-the-edge detective fights to stop a serial killer even as the case threatens to destroy what’s left of his own private life.

WRIST  (TV script in development)

Wrist is a three-part drama that combines the tropes of Scandi Noir with the dark disturbing world of European organised crime in a moody cocktail of bestial murders, twisted fairy tales, and devastating personal tragedy.



The young leader of a rebellious band of brothers must put her life on the line to save her daughter and retrieve the device that brought about the end of the world.


A group of ailing bodyguards takes on a run-of-the-mill assignment that soon turns into a battle for survival and the future of the world.

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